Saturday, March 5, 2011


Where you have been charged with serious offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1981, or under the Commonwealth Criminal Code (in relation to importation of goods), and have (or intend to) plead guilty to these offences - a consequence of this maybe that you are declared a drug trafficker and your property confiscated.

Before you enter a plea of guilty you should understand that a plea is effectively a complete admission of each element of the offense charged, and once that plea has been entered it cannot be changed and a conviction will be recorded.

Importantly, you should understand that as a consequence of being convicted of these types of offenses, it is likely (certainly in the most serious categories) that you will be declared a drug trafficker.

This declaration is mandatory, and the sentencing judge or Magistrate must make this declaration by law - and there arte no personal mitigating circumstances or legal defenses that will prevent this from occurring.

This means that all of the property you own or control, and all property that you may have given away will be confiscated, This includes houses and land, cars , money and items of personal property.

Furthermore any attempt by you or any other person on your behalf, to dispose of or deal in this property - is also an offense.

If persons you know own this property, either partially or entirely they must act immediately to protect their interest in the property or else it will be confiscated.

These people must seek legal advice immediately from a lawyer who understands criminal property & proceeds of crime confiscation laws.

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